Core Values

These core values are a living and breathing document. It started with the brainstorming from three guys who have no idea what's going on and what they're doing. It needs your input!
  1. Live our purposes.
  2. Be awesome. Spread awesome.
  3. Turn what we love to do into what we're paid to do.
  4. Openly communicate and collaborate with each other to achieve all of the above (and below).
  5. Shenanigans.

A little more details...

Live Our Purposes

Finding your purpose is a tricky business, so before you live it suppose you'll have to find it. Once you do, sticking to it aint easy. Lucky for you you have a whole klan supporting these efforts.

Be Awesome. Spread Awesome.

Awesome is one of those played out internet terms, but we don't care. This is purposely vague. We'll all have our own versions of what awesome is, but generally speaking it's about spreading good vibes. Cultivate those good vibes and share them with others. What's wrong with the world today? Lack of good vibes.

Turn What We Love To Do Into What We're Paid To Do

This is the dream right? There are 1001 ways to accomplish it, whether finding that "perfect" job or being entrepreneurial. You've found a community of people who want to "live the dream." The nature of the group means a lot of us are using the intratubez to realize this dream.

Openly Communicate And Collaborate

Even lone wolves don't like to lonewolf. It's always more fun doing something as a team. Until we get proper forums setup, feel free to reach out to miltownkid if you are looking for people to work with on a project. He'll connect you up with someone.


All work no play makes Jack a dull boy. Shenanigans are the spice of life. Whatever you like to call them, pranks, jokes, lulz... A life without shenanigans isn't a life worth living.

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