Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Retreat in Order to Advance Later

After this little push to wrap up a couple of things that were in motion pre-oracle divination I'm going chill out for a while with making any efforts to "do" anything with the MilTownKlan. The timing is probably about right too as I'll be on a plane to Taiwan in a couple weeks and when I'm back I'll be making preparations to move to Milwaukee.

In the mean time feel free to connect with me or anyone else. :) Like it was said in the video, there is a musical track in production... it'll be fun to get that released. I'm sure that will start a couple "fires."


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Simplified Core Values

So in the last attempt at blogging about core values I got a little "intense." I've realized that there's going to be (at least) 2 factions of the MilTownKlan. An outer group and inner group. The outer group will be a party and everyone's invited! The inner group will be this:

(If you don't know the image above is from Seven Samurai. It'll be required watching for the inner group. ;) )

Draft of the Simplified Core Values

It's important to know that this is a draft. It's something me, DrinksandGames and thenewloud brainstormed a bit via email and the phone, but something that we want as much input on as possible. The idea was to capture something that would have general appeal and be in line with what has been going down already. Without further ado, the simplified core values:
  1. Live our purposes.
  2. Be awesome. Spread awesome.
  3. Turn what we love to do into what we're paid to do.
  4. Openly communicate and collaborate with each other to achieve all of the above.
  5. Have fun. :)

What's Missing? What Should Be Added? What Should Change?

I feel like there should be something there about blogging/vlogging, but maybe I'm saving that for the vision/noble cause. Well... what do you think? Comment below!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

City Humping: Rising from the Ashes

So city humping was one of these GENIUS ideas I had and... never really took it to the next level. Lucky for me there's a MilTownKlan that exists to separate the wheat from the chaff and keep a fire lit for projects worth pursuing.

City humping is CLEARLY a project that has much scientific merit as it does potential to positively impact global warming. It came to me while I was zipping around the country in that car Ford gave me. I was in Columbus, OH checking out MLG (Major League Gaming).

As usually I was thinking too big for my britches. I got it backwards! We need to start with every continent. Then every country, state... THEN city. :)

We're already 29% done with continents (or 33% depending how you count them). Here's Hanover, Germany being humped.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Building The Tribe And Identifying Core Values

This started as a page I wanted to add to the website, I eventually realized it was more suitably a blog post. Looks like there is much work to be done before I can add this page. :)


The MilTownKlan is an experimental, although very real, phase of a three phase plan to "change the world." Phase one involves creating a pool of people at tribal stage three who are ready to move into or create a stage four tribe. Phase two is the creation of Stage Four tribes, that's where the MilTownKlan scientifically fits in. Phase three is the creation of Stage Five tribes whose soul purpose is helping individuals and groups create more stage four and five tribes (with a portion of these stage five tribes being focused on creating tribes that create tribes so change grows exponentially).

Here is a brief description of the 5 tribal stages, Mood / Theme:

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Why I (mtk) Started The MilTownKlan And Where It Ended Up

Half of the reason I record so many videos (and make so many blog posts) is to be able to go back and see what I was REALLY thinking at the time. I also attempt to do it in a way that's at least mildly entertaining, not only for you but for me as well (it's rough watching/reading old stuff if it's CRAP)!

Here's a video that shows pretty much the exact moment I came up with the MilTownKlan (the actual exact moment was earlier that day or the day before, I artistically made it seem like I came up with it "on the spot").

More Background To That Video

There are other videos I could point you to, but here's the basic story. I had just recently moved back to the US (from Taiwan) and I decided to try to "play by the rules" as far as government/legal stuff goes. I was more of a wing-it/operate under the radar type of guy back then.

My brudda from anotha mothah gave me an old car of his (that I knew he loved) so I could, and this is the crazy part, volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters (you needed to have a car for the "out of office" volunteering). So I get the car. Then I decide to register it in my name even though it was legally registered in my home brother's name, plates were good and I was pretty much set to go (ah yes... playing by the rules...)

Well... I was going to school and working practically full time at the time and it was a BIG DEAL taking the time off work to go to the DMV. What happened at the DMV is this:
Teller: Alright, the cars all registered in your name.
Teller: Oh! We can't give you a plates until you pay this ticket from Madison.
Teller: Pay it here? lol Don't be silly.
WHAT THE FUCK! They just fucked my right in the ass with that one. I went in a responsible citizen trying to do shit right, and came out with a sore butt hole. Now I was riding dirty...

To wrap this up, me trying to volunteer and be a good citizen turned into running into the wrong cop on the wrong day while I was doing the wrong thing (got over zealous with accelerating, it was a fun little tricked out car) on my way to school.

I would have been OK with the speeding ticket, but that "nice" officer gave me a ticket for displaying the wrong plates and... some other shit, I can't remember. All while being a Grade A Dick of course. It all amounted to about $400 (which was a lot of money for... shit, I don't care who you are, $400 is a lot of money).

I vowed to NEVER pay to those tickets. The city will drop them or FACE MY WRATH! (Which still might not be much of a wrath, but I'm getting there.) Guess a little angry is still in me. :)

What The MilTownKlan Turned Into

I was staying pissed at the city, trying to figure out how to formulate an alliance of people to ATTACK and something else happened while I "wasn't looking" (I obviously was looking the whole time, just not really noticing the profoundness of it all). The online version of the MilTownKlan took on a life of it's own. At the time, I was thinking "Yeah, yeah, that's cool, but we have SERIOUS BUSINESS to attended too!" (something like that was going on in my mind).

Anyhow, this video seems to represent the height of it all. I was totally not responsible for it. The "Klan" was (that's right muthafuckas! People are going to think of some different shit when they see Klan when all is said and done).

That happened and... I guess I was too caught up in life to really nurture it the way it should have been nutured. I want to change all that now. I no longer have ill feelings toward the city (but there's still a lot of shit that needs to be changed) and I'm ready to "step back" and let this thing grow naturally (while following the strategies laid out in the book "Tribal Leadership" | available, in audio format, free here).

If you're interested in being a part of this resurgence, hit me in the comments. WE are putting together a small group of passionate individuals to lay out our initial "core values" and "noble cause."